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About Us

About Us

Tom Blue Wolf

tom-blue-wolf.jpgFounder and Director of EarthKeepers One Tribe Trading Company, an organization dedicated to manufacturing and distributing a broad menu of healing products and educating people of all ages on the importance of relationship with the earth and each other. 

We are EarthKeepers, descendants of the AniCoosa,“peaceful people,” known to others as a part of the Muscogee Creek Nation. The Muscogee are people of the roots and herbs. The southeastern United States is our original homeland and is to us the heart of Turtle Island, the legendary name used to describe the sacred continent of North America. Even today, this area is one of the most ecologically rich and biologically diverse regions in the world and home to more than 700 plant species used for medicinal purposes.

For generations other tribes of this continent, and more recently Europeans, as early as 1566, came to us for various herbal remedies. The herb trade became so prolific that in 1732, Georgia, the last of the 13 colonies, was formed to manage the export of herbs and deer hides to Europe and elsewhere. Through Earth Keepers One Tribe Trading Company, we continue our tradition producing herbal remedies of the highest quality and integrity. Our formulas use only organic, wild, and/or wild crafted herbs and embrace the essential and powerful spirit of ceremony.

We believe that life is a sacred journey and that every aspect of our daily existence is an expression of gratitude and reverence. We believe that the life force carries the power to heal and is to be honored and celebrated in a good way.

Our focus is “Pure Thoughts on Sacred Ground,”and, in producing our traditional herbal remedies, we put only healing and reverent intentions into every batch.

We feel that cleansing the blood, nurturing the skin (the largest organ in the body!) strengthening the immune system and providing the natural sonic vibrations of nature with a musical soundtrack are the critical foundations for optimal health. To that end, we are proud to offer you our nature based and Earth friendly products to assist you in achieving optimal health!


EarthKeepers Organic Herbal Salveis a powerful skin food derived from a unique combination of herbs and oils selected for their individual, as well as complementary, healing properties. Our concentrated formula consists of organic and/or wild crafted chamomile, calendula, yarrow, comfrey leaf and root, chaparral, button and Virginia snakeroot, devils claw, lavender, yellow dock, and ashwaganda (Indian s’ang) carefully infused in cold-pressed virginolive oil, vitamin E oil, and the finest creamy golden bees wax. Various flower essences add a rich aroma to this generous herbal blend. EarthKeepers Organic Herbal Salve provides soothing qualities and dramatic healing for acute conditions such as insect bites, cuts and bruises, chemical and heat-related burns, diaper rash, warts, moles, blemishes, muscle injuries, sprains, and overworked hands. It is recommended for recovery from chronic eczema, psoriasis, arthritic pain, stretch marks, and varicose veins. Great for everyday use as a moisturizer and rejuvenator, apply EarthKeepers Organic Herbal Salve generously overnight as a nourishing treatment for soft, dewy skin in the morning or just after cleansing for lasting protective moisture and a healthy glow. Used regularly, EarthKeepers Organic Herbal Salve will restore injured, aged, and environmentally damaged skin improving skin tone, texture, elasticity, brightness, and function.


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